As evidenced by over 30 years of development history, trust-worthy Korean CAD, CADian!

About Us

CADian provides provides CAD Solutions that can accommodate all design processes, from basic general-purpose CAD to application programs with various functions required in the field.
  • 100%
    file compatibility
  • No.1
    alternative CAD
  • 45
  • 33years
    of CAD expertise

Company Overview

Company Name
CADian Inc.
Seung Hoon Park
Principal Activities
Development and supply of CAD software
Date of Establishment
October 1990 (Incorporation in October 1995)
1009, 115, Gasan digital 2-ro,
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Main Phone/FAX
TEL : +82(2)-323-0286
FAX : +82(2)-2107-3286

Brand Identity (BI)

The BI of CADian Inc. represents the brand image of CADian as a domestic CAD product with a distinct presence and clear position in the CAD industry field. The intense red color symbolizing strong energy and passion represents CADian Inc's passion for CAD and its relentless spirit of continuous challenge in new technology development. Through a distinctive linear shape differentiated from traditional text designs, it expresses the passion for innovation and the latest technology, while the sharp edges reminiscent of cutting surfaces of 'D' and 'N' represent the accuracy and precision of CADian products.

Cardinal (Color)
  • Color code #1
  • C 0 M 84 Y 80 K 17
  • R 211 G 34 B 42

Implementation of CADian's Management Ideology

Customer Impression Technology

  • A better future
  • Creating value
    in engineering technology
  • Design
  • High-level
    design for life
  • 01
    Talent discovery
    Nurturing future talent
  • 02
    Technological innovation
    Technical development through continuous R&D
  • 03
    Customer satisfaction
    A company trusted by customers
  • 04
    Sharing management
    A company creating ethical values

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