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ESG Management

While corporate value no longer lies only in making profit and expanding business, our social interest in ESG management is growing.

ESG which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, refers to the non-financial value of a company.

Intelli Korea is a small but strong company that is leading ESG management.

By establishing and implementing ESG management system, we pursue the happiness and well-being of all stakeholders through the realization of a sustainable future.

Intelli Korea who focused on developing domestic CAD software since the foundation in 1990, have been contemplating and practising the following:

  • E : To run the business in an eco-friendly way
  • S : To persist an ethical company that fulfills social responsibilities
  • G : To operate efficiently and transparently for sustainable growth

CSR - ‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’

Intelli Korea becomes the first member of ‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’ to donate in 2023

On January 3, 2023, Intelli Korea became the first corporate to join Community Chest of Korea(CCK)’s ‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’ in the year 2023.
‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’ is a major donation program in which companies that donate over 100 million KRW or pledge to donate within 3 years are qualified for.

“My little hope is to contribute to providing an equal educational environment for the next generation and help nurture talents” - Paul Park, CEO of Intelli Korea

Intelli Korea is a strong Korean company with 32 years of technology know-how in developing CAD programs. In June 2022, Intelli Korea has participated in the donation campaign for minorities to nurture future SW talents, and helped single mothers to find jobs by training CAD programs.

Starting with the CCK donation to reduce educational gap, Intelli Korea will continue to grow into a company that contributes to the sustainable growth of our society.

Intelli Korea’s ESG history

  • 2022
    • Dec 2022
      • Joined ‘Corporate Philanthropy Leader’ of Community Chest of Korea for donation
    • July 2022
      • Participated in Korea SW Industry Association’s ‘Future SW Talents Training’ donation campaign for underprivileged children
  • 2017 -
    • 2017 -
      • Regular Donation to ‘Babsang Community’ (coal briquette donation)
  • 2015 -
    • 2015 -
      • Sponsoring Community for Korean Disabled
  • 2011
    • Jan 2011
      • SW donation and education to 9 Korean-Chinese organizations in Yanbian as a Korean Peace Corps member
  • 2007
    • Sep 2007
      • Donated CAD software program to Seoul National University
  • 2004
    • Nov 2004
      • Donated 3D CAD to vocational schools
  • 2000
    • Dec 2000
      • CAD training and HR for single mothers at social welfare facilities (House of Esther)
    • Feb 2002
      • Donated CAD software program to 20 vocational schools
  • 1999
    • Dec 1999
      • Donated CAD software program worth KRW 12.5 billion to 330 vocational high schools nationwide
      • Donated CAD software program worth KRW 2.2 billion to Polytechnic colleges
    • Sep 1999
      • Donated CAD software program worth KRW 80 million to architectural organizations to help recover from flood

ESG at Intelli Korea

Intelli Korea launched the ESG Committee on December 6, 2022 to reinforce ESG management.

This committee will fulfill its social responsibilities, such as sustainable managing, enhancing shareholder value, and protecting the global environment, by setting up ESG strategies and action plans.

ESG Committee Rules

  • 1. Respect human rights
  • 2. Comply with Law and Ethics
  • 3. Eradicate corruption
  • 4. Transparent governance
  • 5. Eco-friendly management for the sustainable future
  • 6. Promote inter-generational fellowship
  • 7. Pursue the happiness of all stakeholders including customers, employees and shareholders