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Privacy Policy

  1. Items of personal information collect from you
  2. Our Company collect personal information such as the following when registering for membership, smooth customer consultation, and various services.
  3. - Item: Name, phone, email address, mobile phone number and area of ​​interest
  4. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
  5. A. Providing contents according to contract implementation and service provision, providing customized service, delivery of goods
  6. B. Membership Management
  7. Use of membership service and restricted identification system, identification of individual, prevention of unauthorized use of bad member, prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of registration, restriction of registration and subscription, preservation of records for dispute settlement, Forwarding
  8. C. Develop new services and apply them to marketing and advertising
  9. Providing new service development and customized services, Providing service according to statistical characteristics, Showing advertisement, Validating service, Providing event and advertisement information, Providing participation opportunity, Understanding access frequency.
  10. Retention and use period of personal information
  11. In principle, the personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using the personal information is achieved. However, the following information will be retained for the period specified below for the following reasons.
  12. A. Reason for holding company's internal policy
  13. - Fraud history
  14. Reason for retention : Prevention of fraud
  15. Retention period : 1 year
  16. B. Reason for holding information by relevant laws
  17. If you need to preserve it in accordance with related laws such as commercial law, consumer protection law in e-commerce, etc., the Company keeps the member information for a certain period set by the relevant laws and regulations.
  18. In this case, 'Company' will use the information that it keeps only for the purpose of keeping it, and the period of preservation is as follows.
  19. - Records of visits
  20. Reason for Preservation : Communication Confidentiality Protection Act
  21. Retention period : 3 months
  22. - Record of identity verification
  23. Reason for Preservation : Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection
  24. Retention period : 6 months
  25. - Records of consumer complaints or disputes
  26. Reason for Preservation : Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.
  27. Retention period : 3 years

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