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CAD Solution

  • PDM/PLM Software development

    CADian-based drawing management,
    PDM / PDM development

    소프트웨어 개발 아이콘

  • CAD Viewer Drawing viewer development

    Develop dwg, JPG, PDF and various file viewer

    도면뷰어 개발 아이콘

  • 3D Modeler Slicer development

    Develop 3D modeler, slicer for 3D printing

    3D 모델러 슬라이스 개발

Development List

3’rd Party
  • CADian Dream
  • CADian Arch
  • Bonus Tool
  • Utility Tool
  • EasyMech
  • Water and sewage PIPE
  • SMC Library (machine parts)
  • DiskCAM
DevelopmentA Company CAD Migration
(C++, C#, VBA, Lisp)
  • KT TeleCOP
    (Crime prevention CAD)
  • Munwoo Art
    (Nameplate production)
  • Jooyoung Engineering
    (Steel making)
  • CADian ISO (Plant)
    (Building Equipment)
  • Miose (Architectural Design)
  • TSE (Plant)
  • Kyungwon Architecture
    (Structural Design)

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