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CADian 2017

CADian, the only alternative CAD, leads you to a fantastic design world!

CADian, whose standard file format is the international standard,.DWG, has an excellent compatibility with AutoCAD versions from R12 to R2012.
Users who are familiar with AutoCAD do not need to spend extra time on learning CADian. They can instantly use CADian as they do with AutoCAD.
Since CADian is distributed at such a low price, CAD is no longer a high-priced software.
Many outstanding application development companies based on CADian are currently working on providing a low-cost upgrade of CADian.

  • Using .DWG Format and Opening DGN Format
  • As AutoCAD, CADian uses .DWG files so that any drawings saved using
    AutoCAD from V12 to R2012 can be opened, modified and saved without any data loss.
    CADian may open old AutoCAD files such as AutoCAD R12 drawings better than AutoCAD.
    Also, CADian users can open DGN files of Microstation.

  • The Same Command Lines as in AutoCAD

  • By clicking the right button of a mouse on the toolbar then selecting [command bar] from the shortcut menu, or pressing [F3], the command line appears as in AutoCAD. Furthermore, users are able to use AutoCAD commands and thousands of programs coded by AutoLISP, ADS, ARX or VBA in CADian.

  • Ribbon menu

  • Ribbon menu was supported from CADian 2012. This function minimizes the number of clicking. Users who are used to Toolbar menu may spend two or three days adapting to Ribbon menu, but it will bring the working speed up. Especially for the new users, Ribbon menu is easier to work with than Toolbar menu.

  • Design Center

  • Using Design Center, you can bring blocks, dimension types, layers from other drawing to current drawing. For example, blocks from Design Center can be inserted to the current drawing by dragging and this process will increase the efficiency.

  • Using user tools, you can customize CADian

  • Using user tools such as Autolisp, ADS, ARX or VBA, CADian can be customized with your own preference.

  • Excellent Properties Window

  • The properties window shows the attribute information of the entities. If you select lots of entities, it shows the common attribute information or the attribute information of the active tab. If you edit the information at the properties window, you can save some time because it will be applied quickly on your drawing.