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Mech-Q (Plant design), application program works equally in AutoCAD and CADian.
1. Orthogonal Pipe, Fittings & Valves
A versatile and powerful pipe and pipe fittings utility:2-D(Single & Double Line). and 3-D(Solids)
- Main Feature
- Types of Pipe & fittings included
- Sizes
- Flanges
- Valves
More details
2. Isometric Piping
The Pipe Isometric Utility will generate pipe isometric diagrams and pipe spools drawings.
- Main Feature
- Iso Piping BOM
More details
3. Pipe & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
- Mech-Q: P&ID generation made easy...
- Some of the Main Features are:
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4. Pipe Schematic/Single Line Pipe Diagram
This is a Single line pipe generator. The routine will allow the user to effortlessly draw simple or complex pipe schematics. The user is simply asked to pick points to generate the pipe and at each point the user can pick from a comprehensive icon menu to select the appropriate fitting, valve, pump gauge or hanger. The user is also given the option to draw a LEGEND of the used symbols and/or to form a B ill O f M aterials of the fittings and pipes used to draw the schematic or single line pipe diagram.
- Vessels
More details
5. Centrifugal Pumps
- Main Feature
- Pipe Hangers and Clamps
- Main Features
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* MECH-Q Series (Pipe, HVAC, Structural and BOM Pro) are trademark of ASVIC Engineering.