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Architectural Design
CADian Architectural was developed locally by CADianUSA. Released for production in November 2004, it provides a low cost solution for Architects, Designers and Home Builders. It saves to native .dwg format.
Video Files for Architectural-3D
  2 Story
  Arch Menuload
  Copy of Walls Stretch
  Doors Openings Windows
  Move Doors Move Windows Stretch Windows
  Walls Edit Move Copy Erase
  Walls Fillet Extend Offset
  Walls Offset Trim Edit
  Walls Stretch
Add Window Dialog
A straight line defines the location of a dimension label. The crossing of a window selects which objects center dimension will automatically be dimensional according to the “dimension and text style”.
Full Render I
Full rendering of objects by “Lightworks” allows for background images, material attachments, a selection of light sources and positioning, i.e. spotlight, rear main light, sunlight, filtered light and light color customization.
Full Render II
Wireframes can be easily created and selected for full rendering, material map, shadowing and base materials may be applied for dynamic effects.
Full Render III
Dialog driven settings for various types of stairs and landings
Stairs II
Floor Plan
Wall objects may be created, doors, windows and openings inserted in 3D views. Foot print may be stretched or moved easily.
Various menus's for doors and windows as well as customized openings are easily selected and spec'd.
Select rood type, enter desired specifications, define left, right, front walls or fascia and easily design a 3D renderable roof design.
Zoomed Roof