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Various drawing features
■ Plan Drawing
- Drawing center lines & walls and inserting walls to drawn center lines
- Various doors and windows with different details based on scales
- Selections of doors and window frames and a variety of finish types of walls
- Drawing columns, stairs, elevators, escalators, and parking lots
■ Elevation or Section Drawing
- Various and convenient elevation door/window drafting
- Drawing balconies, shutters, lightning rods, and curbs
- Various and convenient section door/window drafting
- Drawing wall cross-sections double wall, blocks, bricks
- Designing stair rooms, beams, and slab cross-sections
■ Dimensioning and Hatching
- Detailed dimensions
- Various dimensioning methods other dimensions, dot dimensions, selected-object dimensions
- Architectural hatches (automatic hatching for difficult patterns such as for bathrooms,
balconies, living rooms, elevation)
- Different selection methods for hatching in order to handle complicated shapes
■ Drawing beams, slabs, colums, and drawing lists
■ Drawing beams, slabs, colums, and drawing lists
■ Other features
- Detailed drawing with user-defined block registration
- Generating automatic measure, cross sections, drawing names, and deployment levels
- Selection text tool, room names, areas, test frames, and box drawing
- Tables, comparisons, revision marks, layer management, and spelling chek
■ CADianARCH Environment
- IBM PC compatibles Intel Pentium II 200 MHz or above
- 64 MB main memory or above [Recommend : 256MB or more]
- Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME [Recommend : Win XP or 2000]