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CADian 2014 Patch1.2.26 (Commerical & Trial)    
Registration day Dec 26, 2014
File size 195317 KB
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Features What's new with CADian 2014.

There is a big change in the path which CADian 2014 Ver. is installed.
- The new CADian installation path :‘C:\CADian\CADian2014’.

* Pull down menu : Utility > 'Super Purge' function is added.
* Attach Image function was improved.
* Batch Plot function was improved : Command is 'Bplot' or 'batchplot'
* Excel-CADian Linkage function was added : Command is 'xtable'

1. Open, edit and print all AutoCAD 2000 to 2013. Also, excellent compatibility

2. Open the dgn file of Microstation.

3. The same commands with AutoCAD and use the native dwg file format and High speed even though with huge dwg files

4. Supports Autolisp, VBA, SDS(ADS at AutoCAD) and IRX(ARX at AutoCAD

5. Supports AutoCAD MNU, DCL, SCR. and Symbol libraries, too.

6. Similar user interface alike AutoCAD environment.

7. Supports 3D Solid modeling (ACIS kernel)

8. Supports the Network version

9. Pretty fair price than AutoCAD

10. UMS(updating, maintenance and supports) fee will be free for 1 year.

11. The improved Batch Plot.

12. Imports Excel file and export to Excel.

13. Supports teh rebbon menu and toolbar menu.

[Lots of CADian based applications S/W]

Mechanical : CADian MECH(2D), CADian Mechanical(2D/3D)
Architectural : CADian ARCH(2D), CADian Architectural(2D/3D)
Civil & Survey : CADian Cogo, Survey and more
Mold & Die : CADian CADMAX
Fold/Unfold : CADian Unfolder
NC Data : CADian PowerNC
Electrical : CADian ElectCAD
Interior : CADian 3D
Cabinet :
. Office furniture - CADian Office Planner
. Kitchen furniture - CADian Kitchen Planner
HVAC Ducting : CADian HVAC
System Air-conditioner : DVM-Pro for Samsung Electronics
Plant (Procee and Power) : CADian MECH-Q series (Piping, Isometrics, P&ID, Steel)
Vectorizing : CADian Scan2CAD
Now CAD = CADian !
CADian = CAD Specialist
Installation Download "CADian2014_EngPro.exe" and then,run this file at your desktop.

* You can evaluate this Trial verison during 30 days. Please send us your informations if you need to extend more an Expire date. (Company name, your name and your e-mail)

If there is an any issue or wish lists, please feel free to contact us at
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