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CADian, the best alternative for the DWG users

Thanks for your interesting on CADian. Please complete the following information to download the latest of CADian product families. Your information would be kept as confidential.
Please fill out the blanks marked with [*] absolutely so that you can download CADian series without any issue.
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How to download CADian quickly?
1. Access WEB-Hard : www.webhard.net
* ID : cadian / Password : abc123

* Folder : Program for English User

2-1. Windows 7 , 8 or 10 users
Please go to [ 0. CADian 2017 ]

2-2. Windows XP users
Please go to~
[ 1. CADian_OLD_Versions > 3. CADian 2011 ]

3. Please refer to [ 2. CADian Applications ]
for variety of 3rd party