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No. : 74 Hits : 5153 Date : 2013/08/08
Subject : [CAD] Super Purge from CADian
Attachment : SuperPurge.avi (5642240 Byte)
You can execute it by clicking the ""Super Purge"" menu of Utility(Full Down Menu).

This function was developed by many user""s requests.

And we made it after analysis various kinds of drawing files.

Generally, a drawing is completed through numerous times of editing.

While editing, many unnecessary things are created,

for example )

- Unused Text styles
- Unused Dimension styles
- Block Definition without entities
- Group Definition without entities
- Line with length 0
- Unused Scale list
- and etc,,,

Above things make many problems or increases the drawing file size.

Eventually, it takes long time to open/save and also makes hang/shutdown the program while editing.
Actually, a drawing file size was changed from 22MB to 1.94MB after Super Purge was done.

In addition to, we included ""Audit"" function in it, so it""s much more powerful than any other.

* It""s supported from the CADian 2012 Patch 1.1.24. (It""s not supported in CADian 2010.)

Please watch a Video file
[ Download Link ]

* http://www.webhard.net ( id=cadian / password=omega1 )

- GUEST Folder > 0. CADian 2012 > CADian2012_EngPro_1.1.xx.exe

- If you are not a CADian user, you can try it as trial version.

* Recommended O.S. : Windows 7 / Windows 8
Please get Super Purge function from CADian Pro 2012
- Menu > Utility > Super Purge
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