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CADianSoft distributing a number of CAD programs in Korea is the promising venture, which develops CAD software and "drawing tool" programs and supplies them with a variety of services.
Introducing AutoCAD at the first time in Korea in 1984 and experting itself for developing hi-technology CAD engines since 1992, CADianSoft started to rewrite the history of CAD in Korea by releasing CADian in 2001.

Furthermore, releasing the Mechanical Engineering programs, CADian MECH 2D & CADian Mechanical 3D, and Architectural Engineering programs, CADian ARCH & CADian Architectural 3D , we are competing with Autodesk products including AutoCAD;and we have released Japanese and Chinese versions of CADian following English and Korean versions.

Now, the AutoCAD-corresponding but low-cost CAD engine is leading the world market. Do not hesitate in giving us any comments or opinions for our products. We are ready to listen to you then all of yours are directly influencing our products In the near future.

  October, 2001
Paul H. Park / President and CEO

Launched in an underground office in 1992 with the slogan, "Customer satisfaction technology",
CADianSoft insisting low-cost CAD engines has pursued to be the leading company in the world with respect to CAD areas, rearing outstanding persons for engineering design.